This channel is my personal baby. It is where I get to have full autonomy and accountability of actions and results, and it’s been a fascinating journey so far.

When covid hit back in 2020, I’ve reconnected with my old passion of music making, for the sake of sanity and coping with those challenging times back then — you know, when we all thought that the world is coming to its end, remember those “fun” times?

During that period, I have also decided to share my creation with the world, and the world reacted back. Slowly but steady.

It was that kind of moment of saying: “fuck it, what do I have to lose?” It’s funny how uncertainty can sometimes help build our confidence to do things and push us beyond our comfort zone.

My first goal was to express myself, no expectations beyond that, just to channel my feelings and thoughts through this medium of music that helped me express myself ever since I was a kid.

And then something happened, more and more people reacted, more and more people from all over the world gathered around my videos to share that love and passion we all have for music.

And so my goal began to transform as well. From looking inside, I started looking outside, searching for more ways to give back to the community through tutorials and other knowledge sharing.

I was seeking more ways to inspire and share the passion for music making.

However, sometimes when we start to look outside, we neglect and forget the inside. We start to look for ways of “manipulation”, ways to get attention, and our focus is now shifting away from our true values, the true purpose and reason we had for doing what we love to do from the first place.

I believe that all of us for some degree need some kind of attention, some sort of way to validate our existence and our value in the world. We all need to feel important, and that our life matter.

I’ve been trying to find my balance between the inside and the outside. I feel like somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot that can keep me happy and make me feel that I am truly being authentic and aligned with what I believe.

It is where I can find meaning and purpose in what I am doing, and feel motivated to continue doing it with love and passion.

I am not exactly sure why, but I had the need to share all these thoughts with you as the channel continue to grow, and I am feeling extremely thankful and appreciative for your kindness and support.

So thank you so much for taking part in this crazy journey of mine, and I am looking forward to continue discovering with you more ways of expression through music making and art! 🫶🏻

Peace & Love
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