There have been many comments and criticism on Native Instruments big update to their flagship synthesizer Massive with Massive X in the past. And while I do agree on many of the points (the UX is a bit cumbersome, usability can be improved with more visual feedback and so on), no one can deny that this is an extremely powerful virtual instrument that is capable of some really impressive sound. I purchased this synth last year on sale, and I admit that I don’t use it as much as I think I should. I am probably also far from mastering it, but every time I play around with it I am reminds me of how crazy good it is. This video is a jam of mine to test some of the features (there are so many on this synth!). The results are aggressive bass/lead kind of sound that has its own character and that to me is what important about all these tools, that they can provide something different from the rest.

Random Noise

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