Reason 12 is coming soon

My obsession with, and love for Reason Studios Reason started way back almost 25 years ago.

I still remember how my mind was blown away into small pieces when I tried ReBirth for the first time.

Back then, when Reason Studios where still been referred to as Propellerheads, the concept of having virtual instruments was still at the early stages.

These guys where changing the game with their freaking awesome emulation of a pair of TB303 synths and couple of Rolands famous drums machine, the TR808 & TR909 (which was added in version 2 of ReBirth) with some additional cool effects.

A few years later in the year 2000, Reason was born.

Fast forward to today, and Reason Studios just announced this week that version 12 of their flagship software is coming this year sometimes during Fall 2021.

Major updates are promised this time, like a new Combinator, a new sampler device, and finally support for retina screens.

Like many other Reason fans I am very excited about this release, specially looking forward the highly anticipated, and long time needed updated to the Combinator.

There is a lot of criticism coming from old time fans about how outdated Reason as become, and how much the company neglected the royal users who still use Reason as DAW.

It’s hard for me to admit that I somehow agree with these guys. In fact, I’ve tried switching a couple of years ago to the Excellent Ableton Live and never looked back.

It was not my first attempt, but somehow I’ve never clicked with Ableton interface. Once I’ve learned the basic of its concepts, I began to see how brilliant it was and fell in love with it.

But I still missed the fun of having the “hardware like” rack in Reason, and how much it fun was it to hit the tab key and find all the connection at the back of the racks.

So when Reason Studios released Reason as a Rack VST extension, I was having a blast of having my two most favorite music making toys to play together so nicely.

I have tons of VSTs (probably more than I will ever need that sounds and look amazing (and I will most likely buy more.. 😅), but I always come back to the Reason Rack. There is something about it, I don’t know. Maybe I am just being an old fashioned about it.

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