With the launch of Reason 12, Reason Studios introduced a very cool update to the Combinator rack. With Combinator V2 it is now possible to almost design your own dream rack. And so I did 🙂 I’ve been having so much fun with this new feature and created a bunch of patches that were inspired by real hardware gears and some random ideas I felt like creating.

I’ve been posting all these on my YouTube channel and received great feedback form the community with the request to share those. So here it is, all my patches for the new Combinator combined into one Refill file which you can download in the link below. I have organized the patches into two folders, Drums – Percussions and Synths.

Link to download the refill file containing all the patches

You can see all the included patches in this page below together with a video demonstration from my YouTube channel.

I don’t do this for profit, but if you feel like, you can buy me a coffee 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy it and find it useful, and please share your music creation using it with me!

Drums and percussions

RN Acidcore Kick

RN Analog Kit 1

RN Analog Kit 2


RN Impact

RN ReKong

RN Volca Kick


RN Analog Seq

RN Dreadbox-Nymphes

RN West Coast

RN NuNoise

Random Noise

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